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Troll Hostage
Creator HalBuzzKill
Type Goofball
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Status Deceased
Superiors Edo Soldier
Allies Trolltizen

The Troll Hostage was a Hostage GMod Freak made by YouTube user HalBuzzKill.

Like his partner, his theme is TrollFest - TrollKamp.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Biography Edit

He along with Trolltizen once lived in Mountain Castle and the two have a friendly rival with other.

He has also fought with HalBuzzKill, a Vagineer and a Scunt multiple times.

Three years after those battles, one night at Sola Night, he, Trolltizen and Edo Soldier were playing cards the night when Fadkiller was awakened and the three of them and HalBuzzKill felt a heavy rumble and Troll Hostage decided to investigate and came upon the ritual that summoned Fadkiller. Soon the reawakened Fadkiller felt the presence of Troll Hostage decided to track him down leading ultimately to his death. Trolltizen angered by the death of Troll Hostage decided to avenge his friend and initiating the Fad Wars.

Later he was resurrected by TheInvertedShadow as a villainous person, but this move backfired and the two of them went right back to business as usual.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Faults and Weaknesses Edit