Creator HalBuzzKill
Creation 24 January 2011
Debut Trollface Solves Everything
Type Goofball
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Attitude Selfish
Fighting style Short Range
Abilities Kinetikinesis
Hypersonic Speed
"Troll Physics"
Ability to do anything if for humorous effect
Status Alive
Superiors Edo Soldier
Allies Troll Hostage

Trolltizen is a Half-Life 2 Citizen GMod Freak that was created by YouTube user HalBuzzKill.

His theme song is TrollKamp by TrollFest.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Trolltizen takes on the appearance of a Citizen from the video game Half-Life 2 though he actually isn't human. His head is replaced with a trollface when he activates his power.

True to his name, he and Troll Hostage are known for playing pranks and making fun of other Freaks which can cause a tension between himself and a certain Freak.

His normal behaviour is of being a self-centered prick who cares only for his own safety and amusement, and that of his partner, Troll Hostage. This behaviour form goes by the name Lawrence.

Biography Edit

Trolltizen appears to be hailing from an alien humanoid species and lives in Mountain Castle along his partner, Troll Hostage.

As of present he is trying to break Madic and other imprisoned Freaks at the HECU Correction Facility to help him battle Fadkiller though since many Freaks have already escaped the prison it is unknown if this story is still considered canon or not.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Trolltizen like his companion, Troll Hostage is able to transform his head into a troll face which he uses on people. When performed on someone, that person can no longer control his body and starts madly flail. But when used on inanimate objects it can either can be moved similarly to telekinesis or the certain object starts to gain more and more energy until it eventually explodes.

Another abilitiy he has is "troll physics". This makes him able to make the impossible possible in a humorous way.

Faults and Weaknesses Edit

  • His powers doesn't give any real or massive damage to a Monster.
  • Whenever Snyphurr or Pygas is near him, his abilities are depleted.

Notable VideosEdit

By the Creator of the FreakEdit