"Here's a schematic for ya: MY ASS!"
Creator CodyPurple
Creation 20 February 2015
Debut bonnie_gets_mad_at_stu_pidface_for_dumbass_soldier_
(Deleted video)
Type Artificially intelligent Animatronic
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Attitude Arrogant,
cheerful (formerly),
Fighting style Any ranges
Abilities Teleporting
Spawning random props
Fire immunity
Weaknesses Any source of damage
Status Alive
Occupation Performer from Freddy Fazbear's Pizza (Formerly)
Subordinates Bonnie
Allies Bonnie
Blue (Presumed)
Enemies Chica

Sheila The Bunny (simply known as Sheila or FemBonnie) is an Animatronic GMod Freak created by YouTube user CodyPurple.


She appears exactly same as Bonnie The Bunny but blue eyed and possessing a more feminine body shape.

Personality and BehaviourEdit

Sheila had a very rough childhood in UK until she moved to United States after having economical issues. Despite being calm in most of time, Sheila is completely full of arrogance and anger. Sometimes, she (deliberately) hits Bonnie when making a huge mistake.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Though having a similar endurance to an ordinary Scout, Sheila is able to use the ability of teleporting. Which can be used to reach farther locations or for a case of emergency escape.

Also, she's able to use firearms in order to attack an enemy from a certain distance. Sheila will often taunt someone before summoning any props from crowbars to Hunter-Chopper bombs. When encountering a Pyro, she's completely unaffected by flamethrowers or flareguns. Making these types of weapons useless.

Faults and WeaknessesEdit

  • Despite being immune to fire, Sheila is vulnerable to gunshots, explosives or other source of damage such as electrocution.
  • She suffers from anatidaephobia (fear of/hatred towards ducks). For example: If she encounters a "Bonus Duck", Sheila will suffer a mental breakdown.
  • Her anger will lead her to a erratic behavior. Making herself a easy target.


  • She's the first Animatronic Freak ever created though her debut video is deleted.
    • Bonzi Bonnie is older than Sheila by almost 1 week, but he's not considered the eldest Animatronic Freak since his debut is made in Source Filmmaker.
  • Sheila's personality may be based on Chappie from his respective movie.
  • Sheila was created out of CodyPurple's strong dislike towards the popular "Bonnie X Chica" pairing within the Five Nights At Freddy's fandom.
  • Her name was taken from one of Soldier's lines when dominating a Sniper: "This is not a camping trip, Sheila; this is war and I love it!" which in turn comes from sheila an Australian slang for a woman.
  • She uses DustyOldRoses's voice pack for FemScout. The voice pack can be downloaded here.
  • Sheila doesn't have her own model, she's basicly a dupe with retextured Hoverballs as her breasts. The dupe can be downloaded here.

Known variants Edit

  • Blue - Almost the same but bearing cat-like ears.
  • Tangerine (Orange) - A orange-version of Sheila. Also the most insane of them all due to her erratic behavior.
  • Gwarek (Phantom Sheila) - The most aggressive of her variants. Having a withered-like appearance and her metalic rib cage exposed.
  • Toy Sheila - Unseen, but in a video a BLU Spy painted Sheila while she's sleeping to make her look like Toy Bonnie himself, causing the latter to fell in love with her.

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