A group of SeaBonnies.
Creator Cody D. Buni
Creation 31/08/2015
Debut GMod Monster Bios - The SeaBonnie (Deleted)
Type Aquatic Species
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Attitude Friendly
Agressive (When threatened)
Fighting style Short- to Mid-range
Abilities Wandering through land
Calling backup
Brute Force
Weaknesses Hunger
Predator attack
Status Increasing
Occupation Aquatic species
Allies Other SeaBonnies
Enemies Anyone (If provoked)

SeaBonnies (SeaBonnie for singular) are a species of aquatic animals created by YouTube user Cody D. Buni.

Their theme songs are Aphex Twin - Donkey Rhubarb (Remix) and Aphex Twin - Girl/Boy Song (Dark Version).

Appearance and Behavior Edit

The SeaBonnie appears to be same as Bonnie The Bunny but significantly fatter and having green skin. The males are pink eyed while the females are blue eyed. When meeting each other, they shout a harsh noise in order to communicate in a similar way like birds. These aquatic species are omnivores. Otherwise, they eat both plants and animals. However, they mostly eat fish due to the amount of oil to maintain their durability.

Each year, they have four mating seasons. Thus, there's 1 out of 5 chances for a single SeaBonnie cub to born. Sometimes, half of these creatures will start to emerge out of the water and be able to move by land.

Powers and Abilities Edit

By land, the SeaBonnies will use their brute force to take down any threat such as poachers. As for TF2 Freaks like Christian Brutal Sniper, it's not enough to kill them, but it will knock them down instead. if the situation is getting worse, they will shout to call their backup. Once it's arrived, they will not stop until the threat is completely stopped.

Faults and Weaknesses Edit

  • Much like their real-life counterpart: The Seal, SeaBonnies can get easily startled or attacked by deadly predators such as sharks or orcas/killer whales.
  • If a SeaBonnie doesn't eat for a week, it will lose it's strength and become weak and frail as a normal seal.

Trivia Edit

  • The dupe for this GMod Monster can be downloaded here.
  • Their first theme song is a remix of 1995 song Donkey Rhubarb which was avaliable for download at Soundcloud until the shutdown of Aphex Twin's account.