Creator TheInvertedShadow
Debut The MINE Fight
Type Freak
Attitude Greedy
Fighting style Short- to mid-range
Abilities RubberFruit's Powers
The Gauntlet of Greed
Magical Powers
Status Alive
Superiors Brutalight Sparcake
Subordinates Pinkis Cupcake
Creepy Belle
Allies Fluttershout

RariFruit is a GMod Freak Pony created by YouTube user TheInvertedShadow though her behaviour and powers are mostly taken from the TF2 Freak RubberFruit. She contains the soul of RubberFruit and has the body of Rarity, a character from the television show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. She is one of the members of the Elements of Insanity.

Her theme is The RariFruit March also by TheInvertedShadow, which is a modified version of Detective Mario from the game Paper Mario. Similarly to her counterpart, RubberFruit, her battle theme is also Banjo-Kazooie - Final Battle.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Along with the body of Rarity she wears a slanted purple colored Team Captain, an item that her counterpart wears and is seen wearing the magical gauntlet, "The Gauntlet of Greed".

She apparently has two humanoid forms. Her first former humanoid form wore the same purple-colored Team Captain though instead of the Gauntlet of Greed she held a Freedom Staff. In her second humanoid

Powers and Abilities Edit

Due to having contain the soul of RubberFruit, she has the same ability as him, the power of persuasion.

What is different from her and RubberFruit is that she has magic whether is controlled by her horn or her accessory dubbed "The Gauntlet of Greed". The gauntlet enhances her power making her more powerful and probably dangerous. The gauntlet also has numerous powers within and currently only one has RariFruit discovered which is the ability to summon pair enormous, strong hands capable of ripping out RariFruit's victims.

Faults and WeaknessesEdit

It is possible that the soul of RubberFruit can somehow be released whether it is by exorcism or by simply killing RariFruit though this hasn't been seen or attempted as of yet.

Like the soul who possessed her she can sometimes might get into a fight with someone stronger than her as she is fragile though she has magic.

Notable VideosEdit

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