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Creator TheInvertedShadow
Type Cyborg Pony
Abilities Scombine's Powers
Enhanced Speed
Status Active
Allies RariFruit

Rainbine is a Pony GMod Freak created by YouTube user TheInvertedShadow.

Like most of the Elements of Insanity she has the soul of a TF2 Freak which is Scombine.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Like Scombine she is always seen with the plasma blaster replacing her arm and like Scombine and other Freaks based off him, she wears

Powers and Abilities Edit

Rainbine having the soul of Scombine has all the abilities he has including his built in-arsenal such as his arm cannon and his plasma blaster.

Unlike Scombine she has the ability of flight because she obviously has wings and speed though the actual Scombine already has that type of speed.

Faults and Weaknesses Edit

Since she is a cyborg pony, she can be harmed by EMP attacks, electricity, water, etc.

Much like the original Rainbow Dash she is prone to overconfidence which leads her to fight stronger opponents who can defeat her quite easily.