Painset Shimmercakes
Type Demonic Goddess
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Attitude Schizophrenic, carefree
Fighting style Short- to mid-range
Abilities Painis Vagicake's Powers (Weaselcake's, Painis Cupcake's, Vagineers' Powers)
Status Alive
Allies Magic Mare
Enemies The Elements of Insanity

Painset Shimmercakes is a Pony GMod Monster made by TheInvertedShadow. The soul of Painis Vagicake, one of the most powerful TF2 Freaks in existence inhabits her.

Appearance and Behaviour Edit

She has abrupt mood swings due to carrying the soul of Painis Vagicake with her.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Faults and Weaknesses Edit

Trivia Edit

  • She is the second GMod Monster created by TheInvertedShadow to also have the soul of Weaselcake, the first being Brutalight Sparcake.

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