Brutalight Sparcake
Creator TheInvertedShadow
Type Murderous Abomination
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Attitude Savage
Fighting style Long- to short-range
Abilities Weaselcake's Powers
CBS's Powers
Status Alive and Active
Occupation Leader of the Elements of Insanity
Subordinates Applepills
Creepy Belle
Pinkis Cupcake
Enemies Painset Shimmercakes
Magic Mare

Brutalight Sparcake is Pony GMod Monster made by YouTube user TheInvertedShadow.

Forcefully created by the Elements of Insanity themselves because they desperately wanted someone to guide them, she is a strict and serious leader to the Elements of Insanity.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Brutalight appears very much like her former self though the big difference is that her skin tone is much darker and her "cutie mark" on her flank appears as a Christian cross intersecting a Jarate.

When the real Twilight Sparkle takes over her pupils become large and when Brutalight is in control her pupils become decrease in size.

Despite containing Weaselcake's soul within her, she doesn't appear to have any of Weaselcake's trait or personality other than Weaselcake's behaviour of gruesomely attacking people which is shared with Christian Brutal Sniper. Otherwise her personality seems to be more based off Christian Brutal Sniper.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Much like Christian Brutal Sniper, she is able to create and skillfully use melee weapons and has enhanced strength though it is unknown if she can fall from the sky similarly to the real Christian Brutal Sniper.

Because she also has the soul of Weaselcake, Brutalight supposedly has the powers of him like his color-coded abilities and like Christian she has yet to be seen proposed ability which is Weaselcake's prehensile tongue if she has one.

Like all alicorns, she can both utilize flight and magic since all alicorns are a combination of unicorns and pegasi.

Faults and Weaknesses Edit

The former self of Brutalight, Twilight can in some ways take control over her body which is presumably gained through the old memories of Twilight Sparkle as seen when Spike was spoken about.

She is overconfidence, choosing to fight Freaks stronger than her (if there is one).

One theorized fault she might have along with the Elements of Insanity is that through the process for exorcism, the souls of Christian Brutal Sniper and Weaselcake can be released.

Notable Videos Edit